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Subly's Changelog
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26 August 2022

One time payments

We listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce that you can now add services for which you do not pay on a recurring basis. With this feature now you can use Subly to keep track of the software licenses and lifetime deals that you have.

To add a one-time payment service, simply create a new subscription as usual and select "One time" as the expense type. You can set reminders for refund dates when you add a one-time payment subscription.

Custom categories

Another frequent


4 August 2022

Subly on the dark side

We are excited to announce that Subly now has a dark mode!

Dedicated to to all our users who like being productive in a completely dark environment and want to enjoy their nighttime browsing habits as well.

If you want to activate the dark mode, all you have to do is go into settings and select "dark mode."

This was one of our most requested features, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


30 July 2022

This week's updates are focused on making Subly more convenient and easy to use.

Subscription reminder settings

The subscription reminders have been updated, now you can set when you want to receive them.

When you're adding or editing a subscription, you can then set how many days before the next payment date you would like to be reminded about it, so you don't have any surprises when your subscriptions hit your credit card.

There are three options for email reminders:

  • 1 day before (default)

  • 3 days be


23 July 2022

Howdy 👋, at Subly we’re always looking at ways to make your experience better. Here are a few updates you might want to know about:

New Chart: Current Expenses vs Previous Month Expenses

By now you probably already noticed it. There's a new chart in the home page that shows you a comparison between the current expenses and your last month expenses. This provides a quick an easy way to get some insights on your expenses without leaving the home page.

Rename Projects (And move subscriptions between


20 June 2022

Announcing Projects

You can now organize your subscriptions by Projects, and each project has its own set of reports and statistics. You'll have a "Personal" project by default; to add a new project, simply click on the Projects Menu at the top right of Subly and select "Create Project." - This feature is only available in the pro version.

What am I able to do with Projects?

Projects add another level of organization. Projects are especially useful if you manage services for different purposes. You


25 November 2021

Sometimes we have subscriptions in different currencies, and it can make tracking our subscription expenses even more difficult.

Subly can now help you with this; when you edit or add a subscription, you will be able to select the currency in which it is paid.

But that's not all, you can now specify your preferred "Global currency" in the settings. This is the currency in which Subly displays cost insights to you. The default Global Currency is USD.

So with this you can use different currencies fo


21 November 2021

All great things around you were not built in a day, some took weeks, quite a few of them took months and a rare few even decades. As builders, our quest is to reach for that perfect product that solves your problems and adds value to your lives, and we too realise it will be a journey of minor and major improvements made day after day.

This is where we will share that with you. You might not notice all of them, you might not use all of them, but we'll make sure you're aware of every new thing we