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20 June 2022

Announcing Projects

You can now organize your subscriptions by Projects, and each project has its own set of reports and statistics. You'll have a "Personal" project by default; to add a new project, simply click on the Projects Menu at the top right of Subly and select "Create Project." - This feature is only available in the pro version.

What am I able to do with Projects?

Projects add another level of organization. Projects are especially useful if you manage services for different purposes. You can keep your personal subscriptions separate from your business/freelance services in this way. This is especially useful for businesses managing services across multiple teams.

Other UI Improvements

  • List / Grid View

    Toggle between a grid view (cards) or a list view.

  • Sorting

    Sort subscriptions by Name (default), Price or Category.

  • 'Visit Subscription Website' Shortcut

    Added an option from the subscriptions menu to visit the subscription's website - This would open the subscription's website in a new tab.

  • Notes

    Now you can add notes to your subscriptions, in case you need to add more details to it.